Traditional Music - the roots of American, Irish and other Folk Music

Traditional PlayersTraditional Music is the heart of most music styles. Amercian, Irish, Scottish, Indian and other regional folk music styles have traditional roots, grown by musicians over many years. This site explores and celebrates traditional music from around the world

What is Traditional Music?

Essentially music which has maintained its identity through generations of players. Traditional music is associated with regions, but also follows migration patterns, adapting in the process. For example American Bluegrass draws from celtic music and blues, with a distinctive result.

This site draws on the following traditional music definition:

music passed mostly unchanged between generations of informal players, usually without notation, and played mostly by ear

Overlap between traditional music, world music and folk music is substantial. However world music is generally from non-Western countries, folk music is often associated with popular American and English acoustic music from the 1960s and beyond. By definition, original songs and tunes are rarely added to traditonal music repertoires. However highly original arrangements of traditonal music abound. You will find some on this site.

Traditional Music Artists and Community

Festivals are the lifeblood of the traditional music community, some of the great traditonal music festivals are featured here, along with traditional music associations